Adaptări de personalitate cu rol defensiv (core sensitivities), seminar susținut de Kent Hoffman – Circle of Security©Co-originator, între 18-21 mai, 2016, la Cluj



In blocking off what hurts us, we think we are walling ourselves off from pain. But in the long run, the wall, which prevents growth, hurts us more than the pain, which, if we will only bear it, soon passes over us. Washes over us and is gone. Long will we remember pain, but the pain itself, as it was at the point of intensity that made us feel as if we must die of it, eventually vanishes. Our memory of it becomes its only trace.Walls remain. They grow moss. They are difficult barriers to cross, to get to others, to get to closed-down parts of ourselves.

                                                                                                                                                                                 – Alice Walker

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